We care for you!

Where there is no counsel, the people fall;

But in the multitude of counselors there is safety- Proverbs 11:14


Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent, during this age undergo lot of internal and external changes. Rapid physical changes, lack of self -identity, poor self- image and low self-esteem will create a huge internal pressure within a teenager. As they are not clear & confident on the inside, the external pressure from their peers, parent’steachers & media will be a big challenge for them to handle.

Step 1: We try to analyze and explore the exact problem the teenager undergoes. We persevere and try to identify the root cause of Adolescent’s problem

Step 2:  We offer solutions based on Biblical principles. We also help them to find their true identity in Christ which gives them the right self image and a high self worth. 

Step 3: We also help the teenagers find themselves where they have gone wrong and with love we direct them gently towards the right direction. 

Teenagers who co-operatewith us, walk out with complete freedom and confidence after our counseling sessions.

Youth Counseling

 College students and working young adults face a lot of pressure from their education, friends, family and working authorities. The pressure of pursuing higher education, handling stress, work-life balance, reaching deadlines, handling finances, meeting the expectation of the authorities, being into various forms of habitual addictions and relationship issues are some of the setbacks the young people face.

Step 1: We make them understand that they also undergo many changes like entering into new cities for pursuing education and also transit from being a student to a responsible working adult 

Step 2: we help them to identify the problem they undergo, where do they stand in their problem and we also help him to see the consequences of the problem.

Step 3: We provide both spiritual and practical help to handle the tough situation in a healthy way. We provide healthy solutions based on the word of God and some lifestyle alterations by which he bravely confronts his daily challenges.

Premarital Counseling

 Choosing a spouse is an important and challenging decision for a young adult. Our culture is very sensitive and the whole family is involved in this decision. In most families, the one who is to get married might never have his/her say on the choice of their spouse. Also, due to lack of preparation, the young adult is unable to handle the stress and pressures which will arise in their married life.

At WLF we conduct a pre-marital counseling seminar for young people where we teach them about their roles and responsibilities in marriage.

Step 1: In these counseling sessions, we help the young people get prepared for their new roles & responsibilities physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Step 2: We enlighten them about the “God’s Original Design” of marriage and teach them how to prayerfully choose their life partner. 

Step 3: Here, we educate them how to handle the key components of married life like commitment to one another, communication, finance, in-laws, sex and parenting.

Marital Counseling

 Christian Marriages are pretty much under attack by the powers of darkness. The rate of divorces, living separate lives are rapidly increasing. Christian couples are not aware of  the spiritual and worldly attack on their marriage and hence they play a blame game which ends in loads of hurt, pain and bitterness towards each other.

Attacks from the nearest family members, work pressure, lack of work-life balance, corporate culture are some of the major problems which affect the marital relationship.In India a husband or wife coming out of their shell to share their problem to a third person is considered as shame. But at present the climate is changing and couples come out of their walls to voice out their problems.

Couples who walk in for counseling are treated with respect and are given guidance considering their cultural & personal constrains.

Step 1: We try to understanding and identify the real root problem which causes so such of disharmony in the marital relationship.

Step 2: Once the problem is identified we help the couple to see and understand the real problem and where they have personally gone wrong.

Step 3: Then we challenge them to take a different approach to get a peaceful result. Both Biblical and practical guidance is offered so that the couple’s relationship is restored and rebuilt.

Parental Counseling

E-Generation is mostly misunderstood and hence parents find it difficult to handle them. Lack of parenting training, their busyness, peer pressures and media brings in a lot of tension between the parents and the children. Moreover parents are busy with their careers hence they seldom have time to be invested on their children. So they allow  the children to enjoy luxury of getting what they want. Which leads this generation in a different direction altogether.

Step 1: In parental counseling we address the problems both on the parent side as well as the children’s side. 

Step 2: After listening and discovering the cause for the conflict, we recommend specific methods to derive at the right solutions which will bring peace between the parent and the child. 

Step 3: We always help both the parents and children to look back on the biblical principles and also provide the practical changes they have to make in their attitudes, communication and understanding. In this counseling we like to see the beautiful relationship between parents and children are restored and healed and thus the family is rebuilt.